Announcements, Notices and Circulars
Date Document
2020-09-01 Monthly Return (August 2020)  
2020-08-28 Interim Results Announcement for the six months ended 30 June 2020  
2020-08-18 Expected Decrease in Loss 
2020-08-13 List of Directors and their Roles and Functions 
2020-08-13 Appointment of Independent Non-Executive Directors and Change of Composition of Board Committees 
2020-08-13 Date of Board Meeting 
2020-08-03 Monthly Return (July 2020) 
2020-07-02 Monthly Return (June 2020) 
2020-06-19 List of Directors and their Role and Function 
2020-06-19 Poll Results of the AGM, Retirement/Resignation of Independent Non-Executive Directors and Insufficient Number of Independent Non-Executive Directors 
2020-06-01 Monthly Return (May 2020) 
2020-05-21 Environmental,Social and Governance Report 2019 
2020-05-04 Monthly Return (April 2020) 
2020-04-24 Unaudited Financial Information for the three months ended 31 March 2020 
2020-04-24 Notice of Annual General Meeting 
2020-04-24 Form of proxy for the Annual General Meeting 
2020-04-24 General Mandate for the issue of shares, Re-election of Directors and Notice of Annual General Meeting 
2020-04-09 Date of Board Meeting 
2020-04-01 Monthly Return (March 2020) 
2020-03-27 2019 Annual Results Announcement 
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