Guangdong Tannery Limited - A listed company in Hong Kong

Guangdong Tannery Limited was established in 1995 and was successfully listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1996. The consolidated total asset and net asset as at 31 December 2016 were HK$556 million and HK$225 million respectively. Guangdong Tannery Limited mainly wholly owns three subsidiaries, namely Xuzhou Nanhai Leather Factory Co., Ltd., Xuzhou Gangwei Leather Co., Ltd and Guangdong Tannery (Xuzhou) Limited in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province of the Mainland China ("Xuzhou Production Base").

The Company is always committed to the principles of compliant and honest operation. In 2014, it was selected by "China Leather" Journal as the trustworthy corporation of being "The Top Ten Cowhide Footwear Leather" in 2008 íV 2013. The Company continuously pursues for technological advancement and innovation and was awarded by "World Leather" Journal as one of the two most remarkable tanneries in China in 2013 and the most highly recommended tannery in China. It was also awarded as the "Most Innovative Tannery in the World" in the unique year.

Xuzhou Production Base imported advanced technology and machinery in leather processing and manufacturing from countries such as Italy, USA and Japan. We engage in the processing of quality cowhides sourced both domestically and from overseas with a maximum production capacity of 48,000,000 sq. ft. of cowhides per annum. Their ability to produce a variety of high quality leather with unique style in abundant volume coped with eminently satisfying services before and after the sale allow their products to be well received by a number of sizeable leather product manufacturers, in particular the major branded shoes manufacturers in the Mainland China.


(1) Busy but Orderly Production Line

Advanced management, first-class equipment, experienced technician result in prime quality products.

(2) Strict Quality Control

We impose strict quality control on each processing procedure with the aim of ensuring that the whole production process is under the strictest quality control system and each sheet of leather satisfies the requirement of the customers in full.

(3) International Technology Exchange and Co-operation

The international exchange of technology and co-operation allow our products to become more sophisticated and perfect. Striving for the best is the genuine philosophy deep rooted in the mind of our employees whereas professionalism and advancement are benchmarks for their work.

Sales Network

Guangzhou Sales Representatives
Representative: Lu Yongkai (Direct sale) Tel: (86)18652170808
  Lu Yongkai (Indirect sale) Tel: (86)18652170808
Wenzhou Sales Representatives
Representative: Han Shi (Direct sale) Tel: (86)18652170909
  Jin Yan (Indirect sale) Tel: (86)18652170606
Jiangsu Sales Representatives
Representative: Wang Jungang (Direct sale) Tel: (86)18651775577
  Jin Yan (Indirect sale) Tel: (86)18652170606
Fujian Sales Representatives
Representative: Cheng Yu (Direct sale) Tel: (86)18652171088
  Cheng Yu (Indirect sale) Tel: (86)18652171088
Chengdu Sales Representative
Representative: Cheng Yu (Indirect sale) Tel: (86)18652171088